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Published on Apr 30, 2024

Introducing AstroStudio CMS: A Community-Driven CMS for Astro Studio

We’re excited to introduce AstroStudio CMS - a dedicated content management system (CMS) built on top of Astro Studio. This project was developed by Adam, Dreyfus, and Jumper.

Why another CMS?

While Astro’s content capabilities are powerful, we recognized a need for a more streamlined and user-friendly CMS solution within the Astro ecosystem. Many Astro users, especially those coming from more traditional CMS backgrounds, have expressed a desire for a dedicated CMS that can seamlessly integrate with Astro projects.

AstroStudio CMS was born out of this need, providing a content management platform that is tailor-made for Astro. By building on top of Astro Studio, we’re able to offer a CMS experience that feels native to the Astro workflow, making it easier for both developers and content creators to collaborate on Astro-powered projects.

Leveraging the Power of Astro

AstroStudio CMS is built from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with Astro’s robust and efficient framework. By harnessing the power of Astro, we’ve created a CMS solution that aligns perfectly with the Astro ecosystem, providing a solid foundation for building and scaling Astro-powered applications.

Key Features

AstroStudio CMS leverages Astro’s robust and efficient framework, providing a solid foundation for building and scaling Astro-powered applications. One of the key features of the CMS is the enhanced Markdown experience, where we’ve incorporated the ‘Marked’ library with support for extensions. This enriches the Markdown capabilities with greater flexibility and functionality.

Another important feature is the Shiki-powered syntax highlighting, which ensures code snippets are both visually appealing and easy to read. This is particularly useful in non-Cloudflare environments, where bundle size considerations are a factor.

In addition to ‘Marked’, AstroStudio CMS also provides an alternative Markdown processing option with Markdoc, offering users a choice for their content creation needs. All data within the CMS is securely housed in the Astro Studio database, accessible only to authorized users with login credentials.

Furthermore, AstroStudio CMS features built-in authentication support, including options for Local and GitHub authentication. This enhances the security and user management capabilities of the CMS, although the authentication feature is currently in development.

Lastly, the CMS includes the Unpic image service, a free and efficient solution for managing external URLs with support for major CDNs. This streamlines the process of working with images within the AstroStudio CMS.

A Community-Driven Effort

At the heart of Astrolicious is a deep commitment to community involvement and collaboration. We believe that the development of AstroStudio CMS should be a collective effort, drawing on the diverse talents and perspectives of the Astro community.

To that end, we’ve handed the repository Astrolicious as an open organization, welcoming contributors of all skill levels to get involved and help shape the future of this CMS. Whether you’re a seasoned Astro developer or new to the ecosystem, we encourage you to join our Discord server and explore ways to contribute.

By fostering a sense of shared ownership and investment, we aim to create a CMS that truly reflects the needs and desires of the Astro community. Your feedback, ideas, and code contributions will be invaluable as we work to build a feature-rich and user-friendly content management solution for Astro.

So don’t be a stranger - come join us on this journey and help us realize the full potential of AstroStudio CMS!

Get Involved

AstroStudio CMS is currently in beta and should be considered an experimental project. It heavily relies on the @astrojs/db package, which is also in active development and not yet stable. As a result, you should expect a significant number of breaking changes as the project continues to evolve.

While we believe that by building on the cutting-edge features of Astro Studio, we can create a powerful and innovative CMS solution, this also means that AstroStudio CMS may not be suitable for mission-critical or production-ready projects at this stage. We encourage you to use caution and thoroughly test the CMS in your own projects before deploying it to a live environment.

Astrolicious is a free and open-source project, and we welcome contributions from the Astro community. If you’re interested in getting involved, please visit our GitHub repository and join our Discord server. Together, let’s build an even stronger and more vibrant Astro ecosystem.

Introducing AstroStudio CMS: A Community-Driven CMS for Astro Studio © 2024 by Paul Valladares, Adam Matthiesen, Jacob Jenkins, is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0