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Published on Apr 16, 2024

Hello World, from Astrolicious! 🚀

We’re over the moon to unveil our latest adventure

Crafted with passion over weeks and constantly evolving, Astrolicious is our love letter to integration maintainers, community enthusiasts, and the entire Astro ecosystem.

Our mission?

To build an extraordinary community of innovation, collaboration, and enhancement that benefits everyone orbiting Astro.

What is Astrolicious? 🧐

Astrolicious isn’t just a name; it’s a movement. A collective ambition to shine a spotlight on community integrations, amplifying their visibility, maintenance, and reliability. Think of us as an umbrella organization, but with a twist — where every drop of effort helps nourish the vast Astro ecosystem.

Who’s Fueling the Astrolicious Rocket? 🚀

Our crew? A dynamic blend of community pioneers, Astro’s core members, and familiar faces from the Astro Discord. This fusion of minds ensures we stay true to Astro’s vision while navigating the cosmos at warp speed. Eager to join the expedition? We’re scouting for astronauts! 🌌

What’s on the Astrolicious Horizon? 🔭

Beneath our banner, stars are already aligning - expect a universe of projects, guides, and docs to explore soon. Have a look at who joined our galaxy already:


@astrolicious/i18n by Florian is an i18n integration for Astro with server and client utilities, type safety and translations built-in. It solves some long standing issues regarding translating paths in different locales, including static and dynamic ones! Check the docs to learn more! is an initiative to centralize useful Astro resources that do not fit the official docs but almost! This is just getting started but many maintainers have contributed or are interested in it already!

How Can You Be a Part of This Stellar Journey? ✨

Your support is our rocket fuel! Follow us across the social cosmos. Share our vision with the community and let your voice be heard. We’re all ears for feedback, ideas, and dreams. Together, let’s make Astrolicious not just successful, but legendary.

Stay tuned for more updates by following us on X and on GitHub. Together, we’re not just reaching for the stars — we’re shaping the future of the Astro ecosystem. 🚀💫

Hello World, from Astrolicious! 🚀 © 2024 by Alexander Niebuhr, is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0